Knowledge Platform Lab Managers (KPLM) event at Genmab

On Thursday, February 8, 2024, CheckMark will host the Knowledge Platform Lab Managers (KPLM) event, this time in collaboration with Genmab in Utrecht – an international biotechnology company that specializes in creating and developing innovative therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer.

The theme of this edition is “Future Lab: Paperless, Automated, and Computational. What’s currently happening in the industry?” Three experienced lab managers, immersed in these practices daily, will share their insights.

  • Within his organisation the Lab Automation and Discovery Data Science departments work tirelessly on further automating lab processes and harnessing big data. This speaker will enlighten us on organisation’s journey, the challenges they encountered, and their current standing. He will show some state-of-the-art “Beasts” and their purpose. In more detail he will discuss their approach and steps taken towards automation of internal and external processes. Additionally, he will provide us with a glimpse into the near future.
  • The second speaker will update us on his experiences in computational biology and how “big data” translates into valuable insights. What are major research trends in AI-assisted protein engineering? How have popular models, like ChatGPT, cross-pollinated the field of biological sequence analysis, boosting prediction performances and renewing interest in the potential ability to develop drugs in silico? And what essential interplay must there be between experimental and computational techniques?
  • At this organisation, significant strides have been made towards the ‘Future Lab’ in the QC lab over the past years. A completely new laboratory has emerged, almost all paper has been eliminated, and extensive standardization has taken place in procedures and workflows. The last speaker will share the journey they have undergone in recent years.

Following these presentations, there will be a guided tour of the laboratory at Genmab. Naturally, there will be plentiful opportunity to connect and catch up with your fellow lab managers during networking drinks.

Date: Thursday, February 8, 2024
Location: Genmab (Utrecht)

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