How we work – find candidates in a network full of lab professionals

CheckMark has been active in the market for laboratory personnel since 1996. Over the years, we have built up a good and solid network, which we carefully cultivate. Within this network you will find a wide range of professionals, each with their own specialities. That way, we can always find a candidate who matches the role and your company.
It is our mission to bring clients and candidates together. In order to create successful relationships, we actively approach candidates who are looking for a new job. In doing so, we look at the candidate’s motivation and background and whether they match what you are looking for. That way, you can quickly get in touch with suitable candidates.
During a personal meeting, you sketch out the profile of the candidate you are looking for and set the parameters of your search. We then start the recruitment process right away. Our trained recruitment professionals select suitable candidates and hold the first round of job interviews. Following a personal interview and reference check, we introduce the best candidates to you with a CV and personal profile. During this process, we keep you informed on our progress.
As our client, you decide on what basis you want to hire the candidate. You can choose from temporary secondment, secondment with the option of a permanent employment contract, or recruitment and selection, which means you give the candidate a contract right away. The choice is yours.
Like you, we are very aware of the need to nurture the talent of the future. As such, you will regularly find us at regional training centres (ROCs), universities of applied sciences and universities. There we hold job application workshops and offer students the opportunity to get an idea of what jobs are available and what they should be looking for well before graduation. In addition, we have excellent contacts with organisations including KNCV and TI-COAST (the Dutch platform for Analytical Science and Technology) and we have a presence at reputable career events. We often hold application workshops for students and professionals there.
Contact Cora Bos, Commercial Director of CheckMark on: 06-52311434 or send an e-mail to: