Job application and CV tips

When you apply, you’ll naturally want to look as good as possible. CheckMark are keen to help. A couple of things are very important. Make sure you have a good CV and an attractive online profile. Going for a job interview? Make sure you are properly prepared.
A convincing and clear CV is essential, because your CV is always the first and sometimes the only thing that gets read. How do you structure a CV? What should you include and what should you leave out? How long should a CV be? You can get answers to these questions and many more tips for a convincing CV from CheckMark. We have also put together a number of model CVs for you.

When you apply for a job, you naturally want to make a good impression. Being properly prepared is half the battle, but what do you need to look out for? Which points are important before you send off your application? What can you do to prepare for your interview? We will be pleased to give you a few good tips from practice.
If you have already incorporated our CV tips, you can have us check your CV for you. We have expertise in chemistry and the life sciences and we know what is important to mention. We’re happy to help! Submit your CV for a free check. The only thing you have to do ‘in return’ is to allow us to register your CV so that we can keep you informed about our current vacancies.
Of course, we can offer you much more than just tips. Based on your preferences, we can help you find the right job. Not registered with us yet? Please sign up right away, then we can get to work on your behalf! What’s more, with our vacancies update we’ll keep you informed about job vacancies in your field weekly.