The CheckMark team

The CheckMark team consists of enthusiastic specialists from chemistry and the life sciences. Esther, Nadia, Manoe, Ozan and Na Rae are our recruiters. They specialise in the various fields in which CheckMark places staff. Rosanna and Denise take care of all HR and financial matters, while Charlotte and Lillie provide the necessary support in terms of office management and sales. The management is made up of Manon, Sven and Cora
Effective recruitment starts with really understanding one another. At CheckMark, we understand that like no one else. That’s why all our recruiters have completed a relevant study programme, have a solid network and have plenty of experience in chemistry, food, biotech or pharmaceuticals, which means they always achieve the best match for you. Call us or e-mail us. We’d love to get to know you

Ozan Arikan

Senior Recruiter Chemistry

T 010 8208 950

Na Rae de Jong

Senior Recruiter Chemistry & Life Sciences

T 0182 590 216

Nadia Khosravinia

Recruiter Chemistry & Life Sciences

T 0182 590 218

Esther Moerdijk

Recruiter Chemistry & Life Sciences

T 0182 590 215

Jurjen Wilschut

Recruiter chemistry & life sciences

T 0182 590 212
If you are seconded through CheckMark, you can put all your human resources and administration questions to Rosanna Jhanjan and Denise Haagen. Rosanna is HR advisor and is responsible for everything to do with HR. Together with Denise, she will make sure your HR issues are dealt with properly. Do you have any questions? E-mail or call us!

Barbara Spikker

Senior Financial Administrator

T 0182 590 211

Denise Haagen

Financial Administrator

T 0182 590 211
Charlotte la Lau and Lillie Blok take care of all office management and sales support issues. Charlotte is the office manager and makes sure everything at our offices runs smoothly. Lillie is the sales assistant and maintains contacts with clients. When you call us, there’s a good chance you’ll get one of them on the phone!

Charlotte la Lau

Office Manager

T 0182 590 210

Lillie Blok

Sales Assistant

T 0182 590 210
The management is made up of Manon van Meel, Sven Hemmink and Cora Bos. Manon is the owner of CheckMark and works on business development. Sven is the general manager and Cora is the commercial director; together they are responsible for daily operations at CheckMark. Is there anything they can do for you? Call or e-mail us!

Manon van Meel

Business development

M 06 53228145

Sven Hemmink

Managing Director

M 06 53702689

Cora Bos

Director Sales & Marketing

M 06 52311434