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Are you looking for a new job in chemistry or the life sciences? In the lab as a lab technician, research technician, scientist, lab manager or outside the lab as an operator, engineer, QA officer, sales engineer or QHSE coordinator? We’ll be glad to help you with the next step in your career!

CheckMark has been working for numerous companies in the chemicals, biotech, food and pharmaceuticals sectors for over 25 years. As a result, we have a large network of clients and we know what is going on within the industry. All our recruiters have a background in chemistry or the life sciences. We speak your language and can give you good advice.

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Improve your job prospects

Applying through CheckMark means your CV will not disappear onto the pile. We’ll keep you informed by means of our weekly vacancies update and personally contact you when we have found a suitable new vacancy for you. Together, we’ll find the right job for you.

We stay in close contact with our clients and we’ll keep an eye on your current applications for you. We remain closely involved at all times and will support you when you need it. We’ll help you during the application process and give you CV tips and personal feedback to give you the best possible preparation for job interviews. We work entirely free of charge and of course we will handle your information confidentially.

Choose from top companies

The employers we can help you find jobs with include multinationals, research institutes and contract laboratories throughout the Netherlands in the biotechnology, chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals industries. We have lots of jobs in QC and R&D laboratories, production departments, process development and quality departments. Most vacancies are for permanent posts, which means you join our clients’ companies as an employee straight away, but we also have temporary jobs you can do on secondment, often with the option for the client to offer you a permanent contract afterwards.

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