Mission & vision

CheckMark is single-minded, independent and knowledgeable. Our identity remains the same, now and in the future, but our form changes with the times.
Our mission is to carefully match candidates with clients in chemistry and the life sciences. In doing so, we initiate successful relationships between candidates and clients by inspiring both parties, recognising talent and stimulating development.
We want to innovatively respond to the rapidly changing needs of both candidates and clients. This is necessary because our industry is changing very rapidly and as it does it throws up ever new opportunities. We respond to new opportunities based on a precise, flexible and results-oriented mindset. Curious and open-minded, we listen to clients and candidates, ask questions and dare to come up with creative solutions.

We understand that:

more than ever, “Quality of Life” is a driving motivation for employees;

more than ever, “Quality of Staff” determines the success of organisations.

CheckMark is your innovative recruitment partner for the future. We are curious to know how we can serve you with creative solutions and we will be happy to get in touch with you. Contact Cora Bos, Commercial Director on: 06-52311434, send an e-mail to: cora@checkmark.nl or read more about how we can be of service to you.