Why register with CheckMark?

Are you looking for a job that really suits you? Maybe you are ready for the next step in your career, or perhaps you are looking for your first job. Either way, at CheckMark we will be pleased to help. Within our network, you will find reputable companies in the chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and biotech industries offering challenging positions in which you can put your expertise to use.
Applying through CheckMark means your CV will not disappear onto the pile. We’ll keep you informed by means of our weekly vacancies update and personally contact you when we have found a suitable new vacancy for you. Together, we’ll find the right job for you.
What happens after I register?

  • Once we have received your CV, we will contact you to get to know you better. What is your expertise and what are your specific wishes regarding your new job? Based on this information, we will start searching for you.
  • If we have found a suitable position and you are keen, we will immediately schedule a job interview at one of our offices near you. We’ll discuss where your opportunities lie, give you CV tips and offer you personal feedback to give you the best possible preparation for the job interview.
  • We’ll tell you about the progress of your ongoing applications.
  • We’ll keep you informed weekly about job vacancies in your field by means of the vacancies update.

Together, we’ll find the right job for you. Naturally, we work confidentially and entirely free of charge!

  • Temporary and permanent positions in your field;
  • Personal interview with a CheckMark recruiter;
  • Be actively approached about jobs that match your profile;
  • Free CV check;
  • A summary of the latest vacancies in your inbox every week;
  • Access to our walk-in afternoons for candidates.