Analyst Development Programme: for an accelerated career start!

Have you recently graduated from a higher-level laboratory training programme in analytical chemistry or the life sciences, or are you about to? Get a head start in your career with the ADP!

The Analyst Development Programme (ADP) is a unique career path for higher-level laboratory trainees in analytical chemistry and the life sciences. The ADP offers you the chance to work for three of the ADP partner companies over a three-year period. These partner companies are all reputable organisations within the chemicals, biotech, food and pharmaceuticals industries. The participating companies in the ADP are: Abbott, Alcami, Astellas, DSM, Janssen Biologics, Janssen Vaccines, MSD and Shell.

Gain three years’ experience as a lab technician

If you are accepted on the ADP, you will go to work for three of these top companies as a lab technician in their QC or R&D laboratories. You’ll get the chance to quickly broaden your knowledge and experience. To help you, you will receive a training budget of €12,000. Half of this is intended for technical practical training courses and the other half is available for personal development.

While on the ADP, you will be supported by a mentor from the partner company and by CheckMark. Every six months, you will be judged according to the ADP competence model. We will be looking at core competencies such as: flexibility, willingness to learn and proactiveness.

The ADP offers you unique work experience, during which you will develop quickly and across a broad subject field, build up a large network and be continuously challenged. When you have completed the ADP, you will receive an official ADP certificate and a training certificate that is well regarded in the sector. After the programme, you can get started right away in your first real job. You can choose between job offers from the partner companies (but this is not compulsory).

Do you have a healthy dose of ambition, flexibility and willingness to learn and are you not afraid of a challenge? Please apply for the ADP vacancy and give your career a solid start!