Analyst Development Programme - bring talented young higher-level laboratory trainees into your lab

The Analyst Development Programme (ADP) will infuse your laboratory with new talent. Our ADP analysts are young analysts who are ambitious, communicative and intelligence and have plenty of initiative. They also have very broad professional interests. The ADP analysts have graduated from higher-level laboratory training programmes and can be deployed operationally in your lab for a one-year period.
CheckMark’s Analyst Development Programme is a 3-year career pathway in which we give ambitious, talented higher-level laboratory graduates the opportunity for accelerated development. The ADP analysts can be deployed widely within your lab organisation at university of applied sciences graduate level and above, on temporary projects and in flexible positions. Partners in the programme include Abbott, Astellas, DSM, Alcami, Shell, Janssen Vaccines and Janssen Biologics.

Benefits of the ADP partner programme

Participation in the ADP partner programme gives you a number of benefits. The ADP is a transparent partner programme, generating synergies for partners and candidates alike. For instance, the agenda for the six-monthly plenary meetings includes: the performance of the current candidates, new recruits to the programme and the planning of the ADP analysts. The ability to reserve and openly discuss ADP analysts with fellow lab managers in advance gives the programme an added dimension.

In addition, the name of your organisation will be included in all publicity activities. The ADP is promoted through various channels. We deliver special workshops on the ADP at universities of applied sciences and during trade fairs in order to interest potential candidates in the ADP. As a result, your company’s name and logo will be brought to the attention of many students.

Contact Cora Bos, Commercial Director of CheckMark on: 06-52311434 or send an e-mail to: