Research Technician Screening Technology

Are you looking for a challenging position? As a research technician screening technology you work in a team  that is responsible for automated high throughput screening and characterization of antibody panels. The data generated by our team is crucial for the selection and development of new therapeutic antibodies and antibody technologies.

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What will your job be

As a Research Technician Screening Technology you will work in a team of scientists and technicians dedicated to the discovery and development of therapeutic antibody products

  • In this role you will develop and execute cell-based functional assays that are used for high throughput screening (HTS) of antibody drug candidates
  • These assays are to be developed on a manual method that is to tranfered to fully and semi-automated platforms in high density formats such as 384 well and 1536 well
  • In order to acquire the data, you apply read-out technologies such as fluorescence and luminescence, imaging platforms, and label-free technologies
  • For this purpose you collaborate closely with research associates and scientists from other departments
  • Moreover, you are responsible for the documentation of assay development, reporting of screening results, SOP writing, calculation templates and pro-active communication with stakeholders
  • For the analysis of datasets from HTS you will get support from the Lab Automation team

What are we looking for

For this role as  Research Technician Screening Technology we are looking for an enthusiastic candidate with a completed Bachelor (HLO) or Master (MSc) in a Life Science field and:

  • You have some years of experience with functional cellular assays and immunological assays and high throughput screening
  • These assays include 

    antibody binding, 

    viability, apoptosis, live-dead reporter assays, flow cytometry, FACS and basic cell culture
  • Additionally, you have understanding of 

    lab automation and a strong 

    interest in (assay) technologies
  • Ideally you used this for automated (HTS) purposes and you have (basic) understanding of scription of automated liquid handlers, analyzers and similar equipment
  • You are capable of running several projects in parallel and to work 

    in a flexible way, which is required for the dymamics of this position

  • You have strong communicational skills and Dutch is required

What do we offer

  • Long-term employement with a contract from the company
  • Salary indication from €2400,- based on fulltime
  • Fulltime employement (40 hours/week)

Where will you work

The company is specialized in the creation and development of differentiated human antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. You will be a member of a project group that works on the development of therapeutic antibodies and will be responsible for a broad set experiments to study the mechanisms of action and activity of our antibodies.

More information

Esther Moerdijk
088 00 21 121
Na Rae de Jong
088 00 21 123 6592

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